Boarding drop off hours:

7:30am til 11:00am, 4:00pm-5:30pm
(drop off or pick up)

The office for boarding does close for nap time.   There are no pick ups during the closed time.  The groomers may still be here working but they do not work in the boarding and are not allow to check any dogs in or out.  The times specified are the only times you are able to pick up.

When you first come to Petstarz to bring your dog in for temperment test you will fill out some paperwork and in that paperwork is a piece of paper that has all the information you need ..  A good idea is to take a photo of that on your phone.  clients have told me this is what they do and it works for them.

There are no exceptions.


Boarding drop off hours:
9:00am til 11:00am, 4:00pm-5:30pm
(drop off or pick up)

9:00am til 11:00am, 4:00pm-5:30pm

Please be sure to bring your dogs food in an airtight plastic container.  Any snacks that you bring will need to either fit in that container.  If your dog is on medication please be sure to bring it in the original prescription bottle. (we are licensed by The Department of Agriculture and this is a requirement of their’s) also, if your dog only takes his medication in a pill pocket, cheese, lunch meat etc. please be sure and bring that along.  We do have peanut butter which seems to work well.  Other than the food there is nothing else you need to bring.. we use our own bowls (stainless steele) and we have pads, blankets, cots and we make sure the dogs are nice and cozy when they are ready to turn in after a long day of playing with their friends.  If you want to bring a toy or two or a special blanket for them you are welcome to do that.  We do not take and stuffed bedding . We make sure all doggies get a bedtime treat.  If your dog has any treat allergies please be sure to let us know.

Please feed your pet before dropping off for boarding.

Please allow your dog to do a last potty break when you drive in .  We have a large lot across from the parking lot and there are poop bags and a can next the the fence outside the entrance to the lobby.

We work like a hotel where check-out would be that morning by 11:00am the day of departure. We do offer an afternoon pickup which allows you to pick up after 4:00pm for a fee of $20.00 per pet.  This allows you to pick up early without having to pay for a full night of boarding.


Drop off is 7:30am – 10:30am, Pickup is 4:00 pm-6:00pm

Please feed your pet before dropping off for daycare . . . Adult dogs eat either once or twice and day and that is am and pm. we only do feeding for the dogs that are boarding..  If your dog is a puppy and gets lunch we will do midday feedings for dogs that are still getting a lunch feeding because they are a pup.  If your only doing daycare and your dog is over a year old and you want him to have a lunch feeding there will be a $2.00 fee.


Please contact us for information about prices.

Our basic bath package includes  Bath , Conditioning treatment, nails are clipped and dremmeled,ears cleaned, exterior anal glands expressed if needed, trimming around the potty patch and paw pads, a complete drying, brush out and blow out, scarf and spray.

Our full groom includes, Bath, Conditioning treatment, nails clipped and dremmeled, ears cleaned, exterior anal glands expressed if needed, the full a complete drying, the blow out and style or breed haircut, spray and scarf.

We also offer a la cart..   Blueberry facial.. paw pad treatment.. nails painted.. teething brushing.. speciality color.. flea and tick baths.

Petstarz dog grooming is by appointment  (nails do not need appointment.. we take walk ins for nails.). but you must bring proof of Rabies)

We take our first groom at 8:00 and the last appointment is 3:00.  The grooming will close when the last dog is finished and picked up.

It is best to book an appointment in advance to ensure a spot for grooming. Walk-ins are welcome but service may not be available that day.